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Cannabis Education Advocacy Symposium Expo Oklahoma City

Oklahoman's to vote on legalization of medical marijuana in June.

OKLAHOMA CITY —Oklahomans will have the opportunity to vote on legalizing medical marijuana in June.

On Saturday, a group of national organizations held a symposium at the Tower Hotel in Oklahoma City to educate people on how the medical marijuana industry works. More than 100 people attended the symposium, an event called CEASE (Cannabis Education Advocacy Symposium Expo).

Marijuana advocates from all over the country participated in CEASE to better educate Oklahomans about the benefits of medical marijuana. Some of those benefits include bringing more money to the economy and treating people who suffer from different illnesses.

"They are definitely suffering," CEASE organizer Dasheeda Dawson said. "There is a lot of pain management that needs help. We saw a ton of that here. I think, ultimately, it's the stigma we have to overcome and the fear of being targeted."

Oklahomans will head to the pulls to vote on the medical marijuana state question -- 788 -- on June 26.

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