Our Mission

Cannabis Education Advocacy Symposium and Expo (C.E.A.S.E.) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to promote inclusion, equity and justice in the cannabis community by increasing awareness and educating consumers, particularly those marginalized by prohibition, about the medical and economic benefits of the plant. Globally, the organization looks to cease misconceptions and to enhance consumer understanding by providing a strong platform for informed cannabis industry thought leadership, innovative brand exhibition and education on the evolution of the cannabis plant across health/wellness, policy advocacy and business.

Education is not only a ladder of opportunity, but it is also an investment in our future. 

Ed Markey


offers those new to cannabis a foundation comprised of the industry’s most important concerns: medicine, business and justice. Designed for those seeking fundamental knowledge of the plant, the carefully curated workshops of this track provide a broad introduction to the reported health and wellness benefits of cannabis, as well as an overview of the burgeoning industry, highlighting opportunities for investment, employment, and entrepreneurship across both plant-touching and ancillary sectors. Participants will also learn about the movement for social and economic justice against the context of marijuana prohibition, and how it is powering legalization across the country



is designed for those committed to expanding compassionate access. Its focus is on cannabis as plant based medicine, highlighting innovation, research backed science and health implications, and exploring the latest federal policy and enforcement protocol as well as its implication on local laws and regulations.    

Executive Director Imani Dawson

Storyteller and activist Imani A. Dawson has nineteen years of experience creating and curating award-winning content across print, linear and digital platforms for major media outlets including MTV, BET, VH1, Fuse, and the Associated Press. She’s used her strategic communications expertise to propel small businesses, community based organizations and progressive elected officials forward by creating and executing marketing and public relations campaigns that amplify missions, build brand recognition and boost positioning, engagement and sales. Notably, Dawson served as a Press Secretary for NY Attorney General Letitia James, the first woman of color elected to both New York City citywide office and NY statewide office.


A serial entrepreneur, she’s the founder of award-winning digital media network, Tribe Called Curl and corresponding creative agency with the mission to inform, entertain and inspire people of color, particularly women, and empower them to celebrate themselves and their heritage. As Executive Director of C.E.A.S.E., she’s committed to educating communities about the medical and economic benefits of cannabis and its blossoming industry,
particularly those disproportionally impacted by America’s war on drugs, and advocating for an inclusive and equitable industry rooted in racial and economic justice.

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